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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises®


Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) are a set of simple movements that create a natural body response that releases tension and the bodily and emotional effects from the past. During TRE, at times the body may release energy without knowing what specifically is released. Other times a memory or story may surface that is ready to be integrated. You may find that with psychotherapy and other methods of healing, you have developed insight and a sense of what you are holding and why, but still need to somatically release to complete your healing. TRE® can help with that.

Tension and trauma release is a way to regulate the nervous system to respond appropriately to the present moment, go into action when needed, be able to rest once a threat has passed, and enjoy blended states* of excitement.

When you start your TRE® practice with me, I can help you regulate your responses and adapt the practice to your physiological/emotional state and your goals. Once you and I have had some practice, I can help you to determine when to start working on your TRE® practice independently. Most people do the exercises at home about three times per week and occasionally have a guided session to help with anything that they have questions about or want a therapist to help the through. Sometimes people who have had an independent practice for a long time run into something they would like help with.

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Dr. David Berceli created tension and Trauma Release exercises TRE®, initially to help people who have experienced acute traumas recover. The method continues to evolve.


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* Blended State: A state in the central nervous system when both parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the nervous system are activated. Examples: enjoying a sport, creating, having sex. When we have experienced traumas or are overly tense/anxious, it often becomes difficult to experience excitement. People often go into a state of anxiety or shut down when the nervous system can’t tolerate excitement. Sometimes excitement becomes confused with danger/threat. Paradoxically, sometimes a person who has experienced trauma, may move toward situations of danger because it is familiar. They can appear fearless and sometimes are unaware of their surroundings. 


TRE Sessions, Individual or Couples

55 - 90 minutes: $155, private pay only


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