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Mental Health and Wellness Support

Welcome to my mental health and wellness blog. My name is Kristy Hildebrand and I am a psychotherapist in Houston, Texas. The purpose of this blog is to provide supportive practices and information to promote growth and strengthen transformation in therapy.

Some topics to come are:

  • How to Develop Self-Awareness

  • How to Increase Attunement with Self and Others

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Emotional Expression

  • Relationships

  • Sexuality

  • Healing Developmental, Complex and Acute Trauma

  • Depression

  • Increasing our Sense of Aliveness

  • Releasing Anxiety and Stress

  • Working with a Critical Inner Voice -Shame

  • The Case for Recording and Sharing Dreams in Psychotherapy

  • How to Remember and Use Dreams for Guidance and Healing

  • Why Body Oriented Psychotherapy Practices

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