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Interpreting Expressions

Emotional Intelligence Reading Faces

Most people rarely question their perceptions of others. In fact, few of us are 100% correct in the way we interpret others’ facial and body language. The lens through which we see others is colored by personal, familial, and cultural past experiences and/or traumas.

Perceiving emotions accurately in others leads to better mental health and more fulfilling relationships. Knowing we can trust our own perception and judgment develops a sense of security, belonging and connection. This form of emotional intelligence increases our empathy and compassion. It helps us know our own emotions more intimately.

There are a couple of quizzes that will help you assess and develop accuracy in reading facial expressions. When I did the quizzes, I paid attention to whether there were certain emotions that were easier for me to detect. I also imitated the faces to notice what I felt when I took on the different expressions.

(This is a shorter quiz and provides more information)

(This is a more difficult quiz)

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