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NeuroAffective Touch®

NeuroAffective Touch® is a therapeutic method that builds awareness, facilitates healing at a deep level, and works alongside the polyvagal nervous system. It helps rebuild or establish a new bodily foundation to rework traumas. NAT directly addresses adult emotions, feelings, identity, and capacity for relationships. Adult emotions and feelings and capacity for relationship linked to early developmental deficits or traumas can be directly worked on.

A polyvagal-informed psychobiological approach, NeuroAffective Touch® or NAT integrates the key elements of somatic psychotherapy, attachment and developmental theory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and affective and interpersonal neurobiology.

Benefits Unique to NAT:

    • Integrating the body, brain, and nervous system with traditional psychotherapy is now at the forefront of clinical advances for healing attachment wounds and early developmental deficits.

    • Fulfills early needs for support and protection that generate the safety necessary for embodiment and nervous system regulation.

    • Release areas of the body to bring mind and body back into a collaborative relationship.

    • Access preverbal and nonverbal states.

    • Studies have shown that touch is critical for brain maturation and emotional development.

    • Touch in early development stimulates the production of growth hormones and activation of the immune system.

    • Touch connection is essential to repair right brain preverbal early trauma and reconnect adult healing with the developmental matrix.

    • Helps with grounding.

    • Works directly with the body to reduce hypervigilance and support realistic assessment of threat.

    • Builds awareness and works with patterns of numbing, bracing, neglect, collapse and abuse.

    • Uses neuroception, interoception, and proprioception to work with implicit procedural memory and resolve dissociative states.

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